Speak with the Hand(s)

All SORTS o’ ‘Hand-work’ going here,

which I do not mind one bit. LOVE to work with my hands. Though, I suppose I would like to work with my feet too, but some things just are not meant to be i guess, so I work my hands. Solid.

Hand-carved 'PhantomoPhurnishings' are part of the fun at Phantomoshop (say THAT 5X fast!).

The ‘Micro-Mashed’ help out with several W.I.P. projects around the studio, A.K.A. ‘in hand’.

Working ‘micro-scale’ (objects 3″-4″ in height) can be a challenge, but a very fun and expressive challenge. Ever since I was 4 years old, I can remember being absolutely enamored with anything that could be related to the size of insects and bugs. So, since Microman figures seemed to be the perfect size of an ‘otherworldly being’ acting as the ‘keepers of insects’ (what I referred to ‘Microman’ and ‘Micronauts’ figures as a child) it was a perfect fit to fuel my adolescent imagination to grow WILD.

Phantomophigures rendered in the scale of insects by John George Jenson ©2019 Phantomoshop

And now, as the buds of the branch breach out to a warmer climate, the bugs and insects are preparing their tenure. Wether welcomed or reviled, the insects are the true tenants of the Micro-realm around me, so I choose to study their strange yet necessary existence with wonder and respect, as long as the bites, stings and burrows are not a threat to my curiosity.

‘Living with Insects’ – starring Phantomo Shop

Stay curious,

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