Another Phantomo Joint

Has the autotomy left the building?

I doubt it. The Phantomophigure Neodymium ‘mag-joint’ that has been the primary mechanism of interchangeability for many a-phigure since 2004 is most certainly influenced by Takara’s Micro Command and Microman toys.

‘Phigure’ that.

The Japanese Microman Titan Command figures from the 1970s, as well as the Gimca kits with magnetic joint designs have been an integral influence that Phantomophigures have benefited from, facilitating hours of interchangeable play, photographic pose and custom shelf-scenes. However, several users (like me) have lost or misplaced the micro-scale magnetic parts and accessories when traveling with their fave ‘figure’. Drat.

Microman went MAG in 2005 with Takara's 'Magneforce' figures.
Takara’s Microman ‘Magneforce’ updated the ante with their super-articulated, magnetic jointed figures in 2005.

I feel for this.

If I had a sandwich for every time I have lost a part of my fave Micro-companion while out on an excursion, I would have a plethora o’ sandwiches and not as many complete, loose figs. Moreover, this problem of missing parts does not plague magnetic figures only. A similar dilemma seems to shadow 3mm and 5mm joints and ports as well, leaving an over-played joint to disengage while you score a cup of java. Uncool. Oh well, it happens, and its no surprise. These types of interchangeable toys and figures are designed to do as such – for mucho more play/display value as well as to exercise that creative muscle of the user while they ‘play’. Yup. I dig that.

Early Phantomophigure prototypes employing interchangeability via neodymium magnetics ©Phantomoshop 2004-2019

Next installment, I’ll show what we have been working with to solve the ‘traveling companion’ issue of lost Micro-parts. Thank YOU for reading Phantomoshop Blog.

Keep playin’

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