New Monster for Bad ‘N Badder

I’m almost done fully sculpting my latest custom toy project that pays homage to my list of ‘BAD ‘n BADDER’ series.

Check out the noise from Brothers Jenson

Here are some production shots of said ‘SCHLOCKER’ under the knife …(not it’s name or anything, just a working title so I don’t let the cat outta the hat) using Super Sculpey.

Dave (bro) helped me purchase and re-configure a spankin’ new pressure pot and air compressor for better-quality resin casts and silicone molds. I’m so excited to release this new MONSTER I think I’m sweat in’! Thanks bro!

Monsters are influenced by the awesomeness around here at Phantomoshop

Keep that play and thanks for bopping’ by!


Phantomotoi – Booth of AWESOME collector toys from all over the world!


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