Dreaming in Micro

Sunday. It’s still snowing out, so while I work on several projects, I thought I would take a quick break and share some of my favorite ‘reads’ with you.

Microman 1974-2004 – That’s triple-decade o’ AWESOME toys!

Microman Mook – A great Japanese read.

Microman Perfectworks focuses on Takara’s awesome 2005 ‘expansion’ of the toy line, published by Neko Publishing.

If you find one in the wild, GET IT! It might be pricey, but it’s worth it.

The yellow book above celebrates the toyline’s epic 30 year anniversary, thanks to Jive Publications and this most excellent Microman ‘compendium’ of sorts from 2004.

These books are entirely in Japanese which makes the experience of interacting with the actual toys themselves even more enthralling, as long as I have my trusty iPhone translator app nearby. It’s not perfect, but I learned quite a bit that I never knew before about the origin and history of ‘Microman’ from the translations of these books. Fun stuff, indeed.

Back to work for me. It’s still snowing!

Keep playing,

– John


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