Out of THIS World

Sauntering ’round Milwaukee is the thing today, looking for signs. Signs that inspire, you know… to feed the imagination. The ideas that seem to materialize out of a respect for ‘life’ is what I mostly yearn to uncover. C’mon, let’s find some ‘fresh’.

My sister Antoinette took us all to visit ‘The Domes’ in Milwaukee, WI

Skulls are displayed throughout the ‘Desert Dome’

The ceiling of each of the Domes… right outta ‘Logan’s Run’!

The ceiling of each Dome looks like a ‘60s Sci-Fi movie!

David takes in the magestic foliage at the MKE Domes, unaware of me and my camera!

Some of the breathtaking beauty at the Domes!

Waterfalls, rare botanicals, birds and SERENITY… all this under three differently-themed glass Domes. Everywhere I wandered I was greeted by more beauty. Just what the doctor ordered to get my mind off of my daily rituals.

Each ‘themed’ Dome is different from the next. There are three to explore: The Desert Dome, The Tropical Dome and the Show Dome. The climate inside each Dome is relative to the type of ‘living’ going on within it, while The Show Dome morphs to accommodate the latest ‘theme’ that the talented and dedicated workers build inside it. Currently, they are preparing for a Japanese ‘Zen Dome’.

The Domes prepare the ‘Show Dome’ for their up & coming feature.

The Show Dome and it’s latest feature.

Rewarding is the world around me, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin does not disappoint. I heard there was talk about The Domes possibly being torn down. I really hope that it was just loose speculation and rumor, for The Domes provide so much learning and wonder for all ages that I would think it impossible for them to fall into the ‘obsolete entertainment’ category that our modern ‘tech-driven’ world loves to chide.

Keep curious,

– John


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