Diaclone Walk Insecter

Takara 1980 Diaclone ’Walk Insecter’ – Type 2

We could NOT resist the INSECTER !!! So, we made a short ‘unboxing Phan-vid’. Enjoy!

The time is here at long last! The time to unveil one of my personal all-time favorite Japanese toys from Takara. In 1980, the Diaclone ‘Walk Insecter’ hit the shelves to ‘wind-up’ walking into the lives of every Micro-toy collector in the Microverse. Little did I know that I would end up at the receiving end for one of these super hard-to-aquire, foam-box sets to reside in my OWN Micro-collection! UNBELIEVABLE. Featured here at Phantomoshop Blog is the Diaclone ‘Walk Insecter’ Type 2 box set that Takara released in 1980. What a masterpiece.

The inner foam tray.

I made a short ‘phanvid’ (see above) of the toy, showing the presentation of how the toy was originally boxed and unboxed, with a quick wind-up of the walking mechanism which, after all these years STILL WORKS! So cool. 


The red magnetic-footed Waruder Pilot is included in this set, which keenly fits into the top of the translucent cerulean-windowed Pilot Suit which once engaged fits into a slotted area upon the back of the Insecter Walker for a ride around the Micro-perimeter. Yea. Just, WOW.

I hope Takara Tomy decides to revisit and ‘reboot’ these unbelievable wind-up toys in some fashion. They are so original and timeless … perfect to prey on toy collectors savings accounts EVERYWHERE (like mine)!

Keep THAT play GOING!

– John


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