Fanmode to Full Phigures

So I have been working the resin parts that I cast to complete some ‘Microcustoms’ I have been working to finalize. Things been getting car-azaye to say the littlest.

The parts I create for my Micro-customs are first sculpted from Sculpey, then painted with a super-glossy finish. Then, once the gloss coat dries thoroughly, I make a mold of each part, usually with some sort of silicone to then cast the parts in epoxy resin or pour resin. Durable and steadfast, each part is then hand tooled for the final build.

Labors of love.

Some of my Microcustom figures are built out of broken or incomplete figure parts that are just waiting around in my Kitbash bins and finish out to be ‘fanmode figures’ in the end. Other times I make complete original characters, every part of new design. These ‘phigures’ are what has become to be known as ‘Phantomophigures’ from the Polyverse. Yup, this is a new and ever-evolving concept. Keep your eyes peeled, because these are starting to ramp up in production at Phantomoshop.

Join me at Phantomoshop Instagram and my Phantomotoi Instagram for MORE.

Peace as always and keep that play,


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