Unbroken Arrival

Proper Ship?

If there is one thing that burns me beans is when hard-earned bread is wasted on poor shipping tactics.

Properly packaged goods that withstand the brutality of the modern shipping process are where it’s at. Nothing worse is when you anxiously receive an order only to find a broken mess inside a poorly designed package that was prepared for ship in haste. What a waste.

I try my best to protect & ship ALL products to ALL my customers who are awesome enough to trust me with their order(s). If they are not satisfied, I sure as shine am NOT frosty either. My goal is not only to provide a stellar product, but also to deliver excellent service in order to get it to its destination. So, I put a bit more time into refining the package/ship process here at Phantomoshop. It’s just as important as the product itself. What is to do with broken/damaged goods that were ordered to be unbroken? Well, I’m my case, I usually swallow the loss and see what parts I can repair and refurb into another project… but I am fortunate in that I have built a USE for such dilemma, whereas most do not have the time to mess around with broken goods.

Let it be said that the Phantomophigures that are in production as I type this will be meticulously packaged with the upmost concern on quality of carriage. Figures with NOT be thrown into a baggie or envelope sans packing support (peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper) and sent off to its destination with ‘Fragile’ emblazoned in black Sharpie for the carrier to notice.

Phantomoshop designs, packs and ships every order in protective packages that get it done.

If there is a problem with any order, it’s our mission to make it right. We aren’t satisfied until the customer is.

Here’s to all your holiday orders… may they not only be everything you hoped for, but more importantly may they all be packaged properly in order to arrive at your door safely and securely.

Happy holidays to you all and all of yours,



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