Those Micro-Joints

Getting those joints to work proper is one thing. To ensure some durability to the mechanical longevity is another.

Been working these ideas for years now, and I found that several joint designs are better that one. Some designs work better than others when customizing micros. It really does depend on the weight, design and use of part(s) to be jointed for articulation. Can I get a ‘witness’?

So two factors I’ve been working with have been one, including used Kaiyodo Revoltech joints into some designs and two, embedding metal dowels into parts, working them into the sculpted and cast parts that get the most movement. These approaches have been very fruitful, making ‘phigures’ have a more robust and solid playability … something that MUST be included in the final design. This is what initially attracted me to vintage Takara Microman figures, especially the ‘Magnemo’ Gimca Kit Titan figures.

Thanks for boppin’ on by, I gotta gets back to work.

Keep the PLAY,



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