Heavy Micro

Wholly Phantomophigures, ‘No-Where Man’!

Have not posted in a while, but HAVE been productive in the ‘NEW product’ arena, with many new Micro-characters ready for the shop… from Phantomoshop.

I’m gonna list these ‘FRESH-Out th’ Studio’ Phantomophigures at our Phantomoshop EBay store to start, then we are planning a special release of our latest project on our Phantomotoi Instagram with freebies and the whole enchilada. Lots to cover here so first come – first serve.

Let me be the first to say the wait has been a long one, but the results are worth it. There are pieces ready for the shop that even I can barely part with because they turned out so freakin’ BOSS … but I am more thrilled to share and hopefully they will all be a part of a much LARGER Micro-collection!

I can hardly believe some of these NEW designs are finally a reality from years of dreaming and planning. I can hardly wait to see them up in the shop! These are sheer DOPENESS.

Lemme break it down:

First up is a wave of ‘Heavy Micro’ figures that have connections to the Micronauts world due to the usage/reuseage of several extra parts from my own Micro-collection. I love to utilize and reimagine extra bits that are a hard sell at the Phantomoshop EBay store … these parts have been the spark to several new designs and characters that I have yet to unveil so stick with me here, this is gonna get sick.

Microkath even wanted in this wave, so a few Phigs will have hand-crocheted Micro-duds … hats, capes, hoods and more … ALL one-of-a-kind Micro-scale.

Watch Phantomoshop EBay store and HERE for more as it is DROPPED.

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