Phantomo Production

Here is a smattering of production pix from what has been going on inside the TOMB that is Phantomoshop.

As is telling, many steps to the final phase are obvious. Sculpting new parts from epoxy resin, preparation and application of new paint treatments and complete refurb of inner vintage parts and joints … not to mention the sewing and crocheting of new Micro-accessories from MicroKath, its always a ‘stone gas’ up ‘n around Phantomoshop.

Phantomophigure packaging has always been sort of a sticky situation… for each ‘Phigure’ that is completed is a ‘One-Off’ or, one of a kind. Therefore, each piece and its packaging concept must have its own distinct look and functionality that works with the final presentation.

Extra parts means extra PORTS … and we take advantage of these opportunities when redefining what can happen within these wide parameters, limited only by our own imagination.

Stay sly,

– John


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