Heavy Micro Horrorshow

Micro-Ugly, Slimey, Grungey and Grimey

The initial reaction to some of the latest chapters of Phantomophigure production has been a collective ‘WTF is THIS’ but a positive one, so I am planning an expansion of release within a side of Micro that I personally would like to see.

Heavy Micro Horrorshow Phantomophigures – Hey, I grew up in the ERA of Micro & Horror!

This venture is called ‘Heavy Micro Horrorshow’. It is the polar OPPOSITE of the clean, glossy space-universe that is thee EPIC hallmark of fantasy toy design that I have grown to obsess over.

Takara, Mego, Palisades and several other toy titans have supplied the inspiration all throughout my childhood to fuel this effort. And yes, it has A LOT to do with the fact that Microman and Micronauts toys are my all-time fave since ‘75.

To get an acute idea of what I’ve seen in the ‘Micro-future’ – consider this meager analogy:

‘Heavy Micro Horrorshow’ Phantomophigures are from the greasiest, grungiest corners of the Microverse. There is an incomprehensible amount of species as well as spliced Micro-DNA Sub and SUPER Species that we all have never seen … until now.

So more of a greasy ‘Nostromo-type’ esthetic – way LIGHT on the clean, glossy ‘Star Wars Space’ vibe, dig?

This is gonna get fierce.

Won’t you join the expedition?

Stay frosty ⏲



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