Bad TOY Boogie

Getting ‘Sticky’ in Micro with Micro Blow

Just as our universe has ‘Magnum P.I.’ , ‘C.S.I.’ and the ‘F.B.I’, I would gander that somewhere in the Heavy Micro-verse where the slime oozes and the toxic waste creeps, there is a balance factor… characters who go the extra for the ‘good-fight’.

Enter the gum-shoed swagger of the ‘Micro-Blow’.

Got a salty, sweet or smarmy Micro-problem to solve? The ‘Micro-Blow’ are on it.

Custom parts are designed by thumbnails then sculpted and molded out of epoxy and pour resins for durability and quality.

Colors we used are custom mixed for impact and fade resistance. They look pretty sick too.

Where some see ‘broken trash’ – I see golden treasure.

Thanks for checking out the latest goings on at Phantomoshop. Please visit often as there are many more things I would like to show and tell.

All the best,

– John


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