Would YOU Believe

Last night a strange pulsating light

outside my window woke me from a deep sleep.

The strobe effect from the light confused my senses then led my consciousness away from slumber to some other awareness, akin to sleepwalking.

It is then that I heard a tone coming from outside. A faint sound… somewhat like a mechanical hum, but with a reoccurring organic infrequency.

The silent spaces in between the faint cacophony made my eardrums stretch to the point of manic confusion. In fear of my own presence being unveiled, I tried to stop breathing, only to hear my heartbeat broadcast its own rhythm of faceless terror.

Dizzy from fear, I started to sweat, thinking that this strange happening must be a simple fever dream or a sleep-deprived mental state. I was wrong.

Suddenly, everything went dark, quiet and still.

I peered out my dark window. Nothing.

Exhausted and only faintly awake, I fell back asleep thinking I was awakened by nothing but another dream.

The next morning, this appeared at my doorstep.

To be continued…


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