Rap, Rap, Scratch

That rap at the door…

sounds as if something no more than 4 inches tall is trying to get my attention right outside my door.

Reaching for the door handle, I see a faint report of a colored strobe light at the bottom of the still closed door.

Is John Travolta on the other side doing that slick disco display? Is there a rave in progress? Is Syd Mead’s classic ‘Spinner’ Police car from ‘Blade Runner’ waiting to take me to headquarters?

Geeze! What an imagination.

After I opened the door, I was quite surprised that what was making a Micro-ruckus were two … I don’t know exactly what to call them, so I am going to refer to them as ‘FaceBugg’ for now, at least until I do more research as to WHAT exactly is going on.

One of them began to communicate with me telepathically, imploring me to be brave, still and to listen carefully to its message.

I lifted the green one of the two up onto my work table to get a closer look. Astonishing. This alien being seemed to resemble the characteristics of 3 different species. Insect, human and a sort of bio-mechanical technology all appeared present… all ‘amalgamized’ by some sort of intelligent fusion … wait …

What was that?

Gotta go, more so …


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