We’re all robots to an extent?

Toys from the 2005 movie ‘Robots’ – allegory or our imminent reality?
If you haven’t seen our previous posts about these awesome toys and other topics pertaining to entertainment media, GO CHECK IT! 🤩👍✨

What IS a ‘program’? Can the programmer BE the program? What about the program OF a program? Who’s YOUR daddy?

Robots as toys … toys as robots … is a robot a tool? Our reflection of ‘self’? A ‘hope’ for mankind? The Doppelgänger of OUR collective EGO?

Personally I always end up noticing quite a bit of ego mixed in with the design of something that is supposed to ‘help the world’… but again, I digress.

Credit Where Credit is DUE

Robot toys from the movie ‘Robots’ – a movie that reflects on ‘upgrade culture’.

If ‘we’ are moving forward in any way in our lives, is our evolution as a collective a program? If it is, WHO wrote the code? And, WHY? And with soooo many divisions …

To be quite FRANK, all of the preceding pomp in this blog ‘just doesn’t matter’ (to quote Bill Murray from the movie ‘MEATBALLS’ – a classic). Why? Because. Programs are controlled by programmers (‘coders’). You want to control or be controlled? Just ask Flynn (Tron movie – the first one from the 80s).

Robots ‘in line’ ✨⚡️🤖

The shorthand? Learn to swim = LEARN TO CODE ✨⚡️💥🪄🤩

Code your OWN happiness … code your OWN world (like that 90s ‘Pepsi’ commercial 😂). I guess ‘digital real estate’ does have a chokehold on all of our futures … if we let it.

Keep the play – don’t let NUThIN’ get you down. Step OUT of THAT program. ✨💥⚡️⬆️😊🍦

You know it ✨

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