Summer ‘23 at Phantomoshop

All is well here – we wish you all THE BEST!

BUSY as usual ✨👍👾👀🎸

NEW items at Phantomoshop EBay store as well as many new items are finished for release. I wonder when 🤓? SOON!

KBJ has been cookin’ up some PHANTASTIC new dollhouse micro-scale items!
Our ‘PHANTOMOSHOP EBay’ store has MANY new items for that seasonal FLAM! ✨
And … be sure to check out what’s been going on at our exclusive ‘Phantomoshop:Booth 40’ in Oconomowoc Wisconsin at Brown Street Emporium! 📬
Follow us on th’ GRAM!
Phantomoshop EBay – right to your door! 24-7

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