Phantomoshop – Milwaukee

Phantomoshop is actively involved in the creative process of several different mediums. Combining skills of engineering, computer programming, video/audio engineering and production, woodworking, screen printing, illustration, sculpting and casting, photography and more, The Brothers Jenson ( are able to leverage diverse approaches with any project they dream up. Their goal is to maximize freedom by exploring without limitations. This approach allows for a greater clarity of intention to crystallize, without filters, censors or revisions. Durable, formulaic procedures are discarded, and accidents are never mistakes – they instead open doors to new artistic outlooks and experiences. Phantomoshop is a kinetic, reactive process that channels collective creativity into media objects. Each step influences the next, and their work consists of partial views of a constantly evolving project.

Kathleen’s Keepsakes

For over 30 years, Katheen Bachay Jenson has used her crochet hooks much like her father used paint brushes.

For a decade prior, Kathleen owned and operated her own vintage clothing store, ‘Kathie’s Vintage’. After closing, her appreciation for vintage attire became a catalyst for her creative endeavors.

For example, The cloche hat design of the 1920s and the drawstring bag design of the 1930s are integral influences to some of Kathleen’s most popular products.

Through the development of custom stitch techniques that form her ideas from concept to completion, Kathleen consistently produces fresh products with each design being completely original from the next. Embellishments from vintage necklaces, earrings, belts and bracelets are then implemented to add the mystique of the past and a deeper historical connection to the final design.

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