Out of THIS World

Sauntering ’round Milwaukee is the thing today, looking for signs. Signs that inspire, you know… to feed the imagination. The ideas that seem to materialize out of a respect for ‘life’ is what I mostly yearn to uncover. C’mon, let’s find some ‘fresh’. My sister Antoinette took us all to visit ‘The Domes’ in Milwaukee, […]

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WHAT?!? Rock Shell-Shock!

The dank, darkly-lit corridors of where my grandfather George S. Bachay once held and defended his welter-weight boxing title was packed once again for two of the behemoths of ROCK: Primus and Clutch LIVE at the Eagles Club Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Both bands brought some jaw-jiggling jams, old to new, with a light show […]

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