Just ‘F.Y.I’

Phantomoshop Blog is about: Phantomotoi – (seller 545) Vintage and collector toys sold from around the world located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall. Phantomophigures – Custom toys made for collectors of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition art objects. Phantomoshop – The production studio of a team of brothers who work on stuff and […]

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What Does Phantomoshop Mean?

So now to answer a handful of emails pertaining to ‘what does¬†Phantomoshop mean’ … Here is a good of an answer as any. ‘Tenacity’. When we (my brother David, Mother Kathleen and I) were brainstorming for a name for what we were collaborating on since 2012, we had an epiphany. After more than a decade […]

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Deals, Finds and SALE!

‘The Mall’ … Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is where it’s at! Don’t MISS OUT on the ‘RED TAG SALE’ in effect NOW¬†through August! That means massive savings for you! Tons of great prices! Where in Oconomowoc? It’s quite easy to find! We made ‘assist videos’ showcasing a sample of what you […]

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