At the SHOP

Stuph izz FLUFFED at Phantomoshop EBay store … just in time for WARM WEATHER (wishful thinking 💭)!! But it just keeps SNOWING ❄️ 😊 Monday is ‘BOOTH… At the SHOP

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We’re all robots to an extent? What IS a ‘program’? Can the programmer BE the program? What about the program OF a program? Who’s YOUR daddy? Robots as toys … toys as robots … is a robot a tool? Our reflection of ‘self’? A ‘hope’ for mankind? The Doppelgänger of OUR collective EGO? Personally I […]

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A Look Into The Mirror

So today is the day that we are going to coat a few resin and plastic parts with this new Mirror paint! I picked out some key parts from the Phantomophigure production tables in the studio, some epoxy resin, some poured resin, some plastic and even some already primed & painted parts that have been […]

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Phantomoshop Instagram HACKED!

Beware!! No worries, I have many NEW projects to release, and you betcha it’s going down SOON! Idk HOW, but somebody somewhere does NOT want me to prevail… Keep your eye on this blog and you will find the necessary tips on when, where and how. Let’s show those idiots responsible that it ain’t THAT […]

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