Out of THIS World

Sauntering ’round Milwaukee is the thing today, looking for signs. Signs that inspire, you know… to feed the imagination. The ideas that seem to materialize out of a respect for ‘life’ is what I mostly yearn to uncover. C’mon, let’s find some ‘fresh’. My sister Antoinette took us all to visit ‘The Domes’ in Milwaukee, […]

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Down By the River

‘Over the river and through the wood to PHANTOMOTOI Collector PLAY we go’, mates! Loads of AWESOME have arrived in the ‘RED FLOOR ROOM’ at Fox Lake Country Antiques in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Consider dropping by whilst on your next Autumn excursion. You’ll be GLAD you did! Come ‘n PLAY at Phantomotoi!

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Roadtrip to Madison, Wisconsin

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The Sunny Side of Fall

We visited the ‘pumpkin patch’ to see if we could locate the whereabouts of ‘The Great Pumpkin’. We picked out a few pie pumpkins as well as 3 for Jack-o-lantern carving and some beautiful tiny display squash. This is usually the ‘norm’ here in Wisconsin … to invest some time into escapist leisure activities that involve […]

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Great Night in Milwaukee

If you find yourself visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin … make a point to check out historical Brady Street on the ‘East Side’. Back in the early ninties I used to work at the renowned vintage clothing store, ‘Marlene’s Touch of Class’ of Brady Street. If you were a Milwaukee resident back then and were interested in […]

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The Scenery

… is GREAT! I’ll take it! A road trip to nowhere, even if momentary is worth the while. Actually, this is not ‘nowhere’ but beautiful Jefferson, Wisconsin where I’ve been visiting ever since I was a wee lad. Great history and great people! Get out there! – John Phantomoshop

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