Sunday For Rest

Above: The sky where I have lived since a wee lad always has a new painting in progress waiting to show me. Staring up at the sky is probably what I do most these days (wearing really REALLY dark sun glasses). Always fascinated by what the sky and the ocean have to unveil in my […]

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As Summer Winds Down

There is a bit of a nip in the dusk August air. Even though the September colors of decay have yet to begin their swan song, the hint of a chill is already perched at the edge of the world, waiting to advance forth another sweet-sour harvest that is autumn. Above: Winter is always right […]

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More Micro-Scale Customs

‘Micro-Scale’ – Action figures that are 3.75″- 4″ in height. NO LARGER (ok, geeez !!)! Mucho¬†wiggy again with the vintage figure and custom parts boxes in the attic … good way to relax from doing all the other daily chores ‘n such. Some old, some new. Much MORE soon. Enjoy! Anyhoo, check out some of […]

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The Case Up Front IS Fresh!

Above: Microman is a ‘hit’ at Phantomotoi inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Yea, I added even MORE to the case up front near the cash register … so I just wanted to clarify just where in the mall the ‘fluffing’ is going down… truth is, all over the mall! Vendors are bringing […]

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Hot Wheels Added MOSC

Check it. I’m all psycho and getting rid o’ some o’ me best! Hurry on into Phantomotoi¬†before I come to my senses! Vintage Hotwheels MOSC (‘mint on sealed card’ collector condition) don’t last for long! If collecting HotWheels MOSC, stop in to Fox Lake Country Antique Mall at seller 545’s ‘Phantomotoi’ booth … you might […]

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Leftover Supplies from SOAR MKE

When Soar Studios, Milwaukee officially morphed into what is currently ‘Phantomoshop MKE’ our studio inventory had to be purged and downsized. After over a decade of public shows, performances and publications, stuff started to amass into piles and boxes that were winning the war for square footage on our production floor … and in a […]

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