More GREAT Movie Soundtracks

Movies and their soundtracks inspire me. O.K. so we are on to the second installment of ‘worthy’ soundtracks (worthy=my ‘faves’ I share here cuz, hey man, it IS my blog) that made great movies! Did you read part one already? If not, it might be a good place to start as to get up to […]

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Every Stitch of Millinery

Millinery of Kathleen Bachay Jenson Kathleen’s Keepsakes For over 30 years, Katheen Bachay Jenson has used her crochet hooks much like her father used paint brushes. For a decade prior, Kathleen owned and operated her own vintage clothing store. After closing, her appreciation for vintage attire became a catalyst for her creative endeavors. For example, […]

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Leftover Supplies from SOAR MKE

When Soar Studios, Milwaukee officially morphed into what is currently ‘Phantomoshop MKE’ our studio inventory had to be purged and downsized. After over a decade of public shows, performances and publications, stuff started to amass into piles and boxes that were winning the war for square footage on our production floor … and in a […]

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Late Night at Phantomoshop MKE

Much to do at the studio tonight. List too long to itemize, so here are some pics of some past ‘Late Night’ evenings proceedings. Enjoy! So just what is ‘Late Night’ at Phantomoshop MKE all about anyways? I seem to reference it enough these days, so I guess that an explanation is in order. Late […]

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