Hop On, Headed to the ‘Fox’

Many new additions have been added to our booths inside Oconomowoc, Wisconsin’s Fox Lake Country Antique Mall! Collectables and antique ‘odds ‘n ends’ for that project you’ve been wanting to wrap-up. A cornucopia if you will! A ‘physical content compendium’ always at the ready to quench any conceptual quandary you might dream up! Yea, it’s all […]

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Phantomophigure Production Plus

‘One-of-a-kind customs’ !?!? Whoaawwwhwhwhwhaatthhheehhh ?!? You read correct, my friends. PhantomoshopMKE has been busy since our blog went down, so there have been many projects completed since then AND many NEW concepts we have yet to unveil. I am excited to release a few of the new items, which are mostly OOAK pieces, though there […]

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