Acroyear Custom ‘Soulsoarer’

Inspired by the animation series ‘RahXephon’ and the intriguing idea of the ‘MU’, I decided to see what an extra resin Acroyear head that I had would look like if I added some wings to the head, replacing the ‘horns’ and swapped out the chest piece with a custom resin skull. The results are pictured below. The head […]

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Has …

been at it again, with her ‘micro-custom duds’ for custom micro-figures. Here’s a taste of her latest offering, a spruce micro-vest for that Autumn chill. Stay tuned to Phantomoshop blog for her up ‘n coming projects!

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Great Weather, Great Painting

The ‘Micro-Figure’ customizing projects have been going rather smooth … that is, up until it started DOWN-POURING out of NOWHERE! And you all know what that does … turns drying times into a whole different category of ‘retard’ … without adding any retarder to my paint mixes whatsoever. Oh well, I got other projects to […]

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