Mini Bruder SPACE-TOYS!

Mini Bruder Space Toys – Those Collectable Lil’ Plastic Treasures    As much as I dig (pun intended) Mini Bruder construction vehicles, trucks and trains, my all-time FAVE are the the ‘Astro Space’ toys that I discovered back in the 1980s. These toys seemed to be produced in two different scales, each with their own […]

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Mini Bruder Collector Toys

Collecting miniature plastic toys from around the world has been one of my favorite pastimes ever since I was a wee lad. When Paul Bruder founded Bruder Toys in 1926, I wonder if he knew that what he was about to unleash upon the world would soon lead to being one of Europe’s top 1:16 […]

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MORE Fresh at Phantomotoi

I will be adding more vintage G.I. Joe items and several UBER-RARE NOS Mini-Bruder vehicles from the 1980s in Phantomotoi this week, as I am COMPLETELY SWAMPED while trying to move stuff around for inventory. Hey, I even found three boxes of brand-new shoes I purchased and ‘shelved’ for later days… now THAT’S cool! MORE […]

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