We’re all robots to an extent? What IS a ‘program’? Can the programmer BE the program? What about the program OF a program? Who’s YOUR daddy? Robots as toys … toys as robots … is a robot a tool? Our reflection of ‘self’? A ‘hope’ for mankind? The Doppelgänger of OUR collective EGO? Personally I […]

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This is Crazy, NOT Karate!

And it ain’t ‘Rocket Science’ either. No practice necessary, no discipline required. It’s ‘PLAYTIME’ for collectors, folks, and nothing could be more escapist! For those of you who have been following Phantomoshop (, and the vast compendium of creative projects of Brothers Jenson Present (, you might remember the multi-media collaborative art studio Soar Studios […]

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Custom Micronauts and Microman

Above: Dreaming in Flavors –  A vintage Microman color sheet I made to get ideas rolling.


I really dig ‘rainy-type’ days … you know, ‘days off’ or for some it’s the ‘weekend’. That’s the time when ‘figuring’ can get down ‘n dirty. Time to lock yourself in that ‘woodshed’, ‘basement dungeon’ or ‘groovy garage’ and transform into that shut-in no one wants you to be! Try out some new color concepts, design, sculpt and mold some custom parts or maybe even draw up a fresh package design concept. Yup, for the love of creating what could never be for sale on any conventional toy shelf, it’s time to talk ‘customs’ my friends!


When I customize my Micronauts and Microman figures, I usually come up with a pretty good idea of what my colors are going to be, being cautious not to pick too many colors or colors with too vibrant of chroma index where bright colors are dashing and bouncing around everywhere… so EXTREME … that is, a bright, saturated color looks can look much better when paired with a muted, ‘neutral’ toned color for balance. Then again, I own some crazy Japanese bootleg figures that are airbrushed entirely in fluorescent ‘day-glow’ colors that make your eyeballs grow radioactive hair on the back-side of your retinas… I LOVE those! So what do I know?! I digress …

Phantomophigure_PhantomoShop_BLOG_1500wAbove: ‘Phantomophigure’ production at Phantomoshop, Milwaukee gives escapism a chance to flourish.

Phantomotoi_Mugshot_1200wAbove: ‘How’s This for a Mug-Shot?’ @ Phantomotoi in Fox Lake Country Antique Mall

So stop on by to ‘Shop the Fox’ … maybe I’ll have some customs done. More on this to come …

– John


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