Thank You Japanese Toy Makers

So these vintage Playskool and Fisher Price ( vintage and modern line ‘Imaginext’) space toys are super cool. I don’t resonate with all this stuff, but I’ll admit that I always tend to gravitate towards toys that have ‘Micro-mod’ potential (that is, a toy that can work well within the 4-inch figure ‘collecting restraint’ that […]

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Fresh ‘Vintage Customs’

What is a ‘vintage custom’ when talking custom collectable toys? When you grow up in the sixties and seventies and find you have acquired more toys than you ever thought possible, this can lead to a ‘vintage custom’. Or, when you acquire a generous load of vintage toys, some complete, most incomplete and a rainy […]

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Every Stitch of Millinery

Millinery of Kathleen Bachay Jenson Kathleen’s Keepsakes For over 30 years, Katheen Bachay Jenson has used her crochet hooks much like her father used paint brushes. For a decade prior, Kathleen owned and operated her own vintage clothing store. After closing, her appreciation for vintage attire became a catalyst for her creative endeavors. For example, […]

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