Where is this ‘Good Fight’?

A search that seldom speaks in multi-media is sometimes considered liquid … Jonny Quest knows best … square waves from the lunar illumination will define our frequency in the evening … microwaved meals during the ‘up’ hours. Nano-particulate casseroles are prepared behind the curtain. Kill the spotlight. Cue the Claps. Howl. Cool-aide ain’t no ‘help’, […]

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Creaming Others Corn

Compliments … ‘That’s NICE …’ ‘John, you are ‘too nice’ … To me, there is no such thing as ‘too nice’ … except I can see for those who must always be in a ‘Debra Downer’ mood, yea. I get it. I’ve met people who are terminally ill who have better attitudes on life than […]

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