Mego Micronauts … Takara Microman … Bandai Beta Midgets. What do they all have in common at Phantomotoi? They’re all some of my personal favorite toys since the 1970s (well, Bandai’s ‘Beta Midget’ is much later … but they are still included in this article due to their unbelievable articulation and scarcity). Because all of […]

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Thanks Matt!

I absolutely adore these two vintage Takara Diaclone / Microman kits! And thanks for all the help and extra assist with making the transaction a smooth one with great communication … I really appreciate it. This is what Matt sent me! Enjoy! All giddy over here … with massive goosebumps! These kits are getting to […]

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Can’t wait until you see what I am working with presently … Click HERE and HERE and HERE too! maybe ONE MORE! If you LOVE vintage toys like I do, visit me and my booth, ‘Phantomotoi’ at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in beautiful Oconomowoc, Wisconsin for a plethora of vintage and collector play! – […]

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Microman Books

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest books (‘mook’ is a book with the look, design, and layout of a magazine, usually having a Japanese anime theme) that Japan produced for Takara’s AWESOME groundbreaking toy line ‘Microman’! Now, I’m not going to talk about the manga or ‘comic’ books (another blog for sure) that are […]

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Antron, Membros and Repto are Custom FUN

Can you believe it?!? Above: One of several ‘Micro-customs’ from Phantomotoi named ‘Max Leveler’ … chop, chop,chop … I mean, for REAL-REAL? Yup. Above: Mego Micronauts and classic Microman figures are re-mixed into ‘fresh new entrees’ at Phantomotoi All these classic vintage figures are for the most part completely modular, therefore the possibilities for successful […]

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Spy Magician Customs – Wave 1.0

Hello and welcome back to Phantomoshop’s Blog Official, Phantomotoi (‘Fan-toe-mo-toy’)!  As you ca see, I got quite involved with getting some fresh presentations with these Microman ‘Spy Magicians’. They are all in ‘collector grade’ condition, with each of them being built from ‘n.o.s. – unplayed and undisplayed’ figures from the Takara re-issue series that debuted […]

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Spy Magician Customs

Above: My first ever ‘custom’ Microman Spy Magician, complete with still-sprued bracelets, wands, L-peg and figure stand. Hello again everyone, I’m gonna start talking about some custom action figure projects and modifying their parts in order to make your own figure designs and characters. Above: Lot of seven vintage ‘Spy Magician’ re-issues (1997-1999) by Takara […]

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