Has …

been at it again, with her ‘micro-custom duds’ for custom micro-figures. Here’s a taste of her latest offering, a spruce micro-vest for that Autumn chill. Stay tuned to Phantomoshop blog for her up ‘n coming projects!

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Deals, Finds and SALE!

‘The Mall’ … Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is where it’s at! Don’t MISS OUT on the ‘RED TAG SALE’ in effect NOW through August! That means massive savings for you! Tons of great prices! Where in Oconomowoc? It’s quite easy to find! We made ‘assist videos’ showcasing a sample of what you […]

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Hop On, Headed to the ‘Fox’

Many new additions have been added to our booths inside Oconomowoc, Wisconsin’s Fox Lake Country Antique Mall! Collectables and antique ‘odds ‘n ends’ for that project you’ve been wanting to wrap-up. A cornucopia if you will! A ‘physical content compendium’ always at the ready to quench any conceptual quandary you might dream up! Yea, it’s all […]

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Antron, Membros and Repto are Custom FUN

Can you believe it?!? Above: One of several ‘Micro-customs’ from Phantomotoi named ‘Max Leveler’ … chop, chop,chop … I mean, for REAL-REAL? Yup. Above: Mego Micronauts and classic Microman figures are re-mixed into ‘fresh new entrees’ at Phantomotoi All these classic vintage figures are for the most part completely modular, therefore the possibilities for successful […]

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