Spy Magician Customs – Wave 1.0

Hello and welcome back to Phantomoshop’s Blog Official, Phantomotoi (‘Fan-toe-mo-toy’)!¬† As you ca see, I got quite involved with getting some fresh presentations with these Microman ‘Spy Magicians’. They are all in ‘collector grade’ condition, with each of them being built from ‘n.o.s. – unplayed and undisplayed’ figures from the Takara re-issue series that debuted […]

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Spy Magician Customs

Above: My first ever ‘custom’ Microman Spy Magician, complete with still-sprued bracelets, wands, L-peg and figure stand. Hello again everyone, I’m gonna start talking about some custom action figure projects and modifying their parts in order to make your own figure designs and characters. Above: Lot of seven vintage ‘Spy Magician’ re-issues (1997-1999) by Takara […]

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BIG SALE at Mall!

Yup! It’s that time again at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall … SALE! Look for items all throughout the mall with a ‘red tag’ and bountiful savings shall be yours ALL THRU AUGUST! Just wanted to give y’all the ‘inside skinny’ on this awesome event! Shhhhh … See you there! – John Phantomoshop

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Shopping Etiquette Meltdowns

I can’t believe my eyes. Did I really just see that? Cracks me up every time while a pang of ‘enpuzzlement’ (? … lol!) coils it’s¬†tentacles of the moment to squeeze action out of my once-rooted limbs of custodial aid … Yup, just like that. Usually goes something like this: I’m shopping at any given […]

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