Shopping Etiquette Meltdowns

I can’t believe my eyes. Did I really just see that? Cracks me up every time while a pang of ‘enpuzzlement’ (? … lol!) coils it’s tentacles of the moment to squeeze action out of my once-rooted limbs of custodial aid … Yup, just like that. Usually goes something like this: I’m shopping at any given […]

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Phantomoshop Blog Gets In the Mood

Sure ‘Phantomotoi’ … seller 545’s booth of AWESOME collector toys has killer prices on collector ‘play’ from several different eras, from all over the world. But when sauntering the floor at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, it most wise to visit other booths in and around the mall simply because the excellent, hard-to-find […]

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