Bandai Beta-Midget

Ahhh, sometimes it’s so great to have a few hours of weekend leisure to unbox a closet-worth of vintage toys that have not seen the light of day in over a decade! Let’s see what’s been ‘unearthed’ this time, shall we?

Above : Other toy lines from our childhood were obviously influenced by the early success of classic Japanese ‘science fiction and space toy’ design. How ‘Time Traveler’ of you, Fisher Price … 

Several toys from my childhood that were made in other parts of the world seem to bare an inescapeable resemblance to Japanese Microman and Diaclone toys.

Below are some examples of this.

Above : A quick pic displaying the size similarities that are shared between classic Microman figure design and Bandai’s Beta Midget figures from 2002.

Bandai Beta-Midget

When I found out about the Japanese traditional ‘capsule’ toys sold via gashapon-style from gumball vending machines, I immediately wanted to buy a plane ticket to Japan … STAT!

Above : A freshly-assembled Beta Midget and the two capsules it rode in on, pardner!

Bandai let these unbelievably intricate put-together-yourself figures out on the market in 2002, which immediately gained insatiable appeal to fans of Takara’s legendary Microman line, to which there were numerous ‘echoes’ of a seemingly intentional ‘homage’, if you will, designed into the size, character and accessories of each ‘Midget’. They even have ‘silver-like’ heads.

Above : The book of everything ‘beta’ … try to find it, because this one is RARE … BLOODY RARE!

Since Beta Midget was the brainchild of Mr. Y. Enari, a leading member of M.A.F.F. – a Microman fan group publishing Microman RPG source books as well as fan-made manga, it’s no coincidence that ‘Beta Midget’ is based on the science-fiction-infused fairy-tale world of Astro Midget created by Mr. Enari.  (‘Astro Midget’ – a cybernetic fairy-like creature with advanced scientific knowledge.)

Cool, I’m in (of course!).

Above : A page from ‘The Document of Midget B’ book showing a few more Microman and Micronaut ‘homages’ in the Beta Midget designs … above left with a ‘Centaurus-like’ approach and lower left with a ‘Space-Glider-type’ angle. COOL!

Beta Midgets were sold unassembled in a capsule along with a “Jacket” which act as their ‘power up suit’. These figures, known as the first wave or ‘1.0’ were very fragile due to the brittle plastic used to make them. The Jackets and accessories were usually ok due to a different type of stronger plastic that was used. Later versions of these figures solved the brittle plastic problem, making the 1.0 Beta Midgets quite rare and highly collectable.

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Next, I’ll cover a bit more depth into Bandai’s Beta Midgets, the editions that were produced and which ones I don’t have in my collection! Should be a gas!

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