Mirror, Mirror

ALRIGHT!! I received this awesome new paint product ‘Mirror’ in the mail! FAST shipping and packed like a pro would do it to it. So, you guessed it, it’s time to try it out on a few NEW Phantomophigure designs that are hot off the dock! Let’s DO this!

First things first, MUST DEGREASE all new epoxy resin sculpts!! BOSS!
PRIME TIME with Tamiya Fine White Primer, my all-time fave.
Next, for the underpainting color… to add the GLOSS surface that will accept the final coat, the MIRROR!
So with all parts painted with a light coat of GLOSS KELLY MOSS green, we will be ready for the MIRROR coat to be brushed on these Micro-scale parts in a THIN coat. That will be the NEXT blog … after these parts are FULLY dry.

So until the next entry,

Keep that play!!


Phantomoshop Blog

That’s for SURE!

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