Thank You Japanese Toy Makers

Phantomotoi Customs have been taken to a higher warp at Phantomoshop – Milwaukee

So these vintage Playskool and Fisher Price ( vintage and modern line ‘Imaginext’) space toys are super cool. I don’t resonate with all this stuff, but I’ll admit that I always tend to gravitate towards toys that have ‘Micro-mod’ potential (that is, a toy that can work well within the 4-inch figure ‘collecting restraint’ that I am currently attempting to follow).

It does hit me funny, however, how many times I will flip over many of these toys and find a ‘Made in Hong Kong’ mark on the chassis, which happens more often than not. Even subconsciously I tend to gravitate towards Japanese design. This has been constant since I was old enough to start making my own choices of what I thought was ‘cool’, and for me, it was ALWAYS Japanese Toys …

Well, not everything we’re working on was made in Japan… and that’s cool! Most of the more modern stuff we work with is usually from China.

I mean, yea, I most definitely was and still am into Lego, Hotwheels and G.I. Joe … which are all huge influences on what I personally look for when collecting, but nothing seems to match that historical magic and time-tested artistic integrity that seems to ooze out of every Japanese object I have come to love. Thank you, Japan!

So let the masking begin!

… and start shakin’ those cans!


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