A Look Into The Mirror

So today is the day that we are going to coat a few resin and plastic parts with this new Mirror paint!

I picked out some key parts from the Phantomophigure production tables in the studio, some epoxy resin, some poured resin, some plastic and even some already primed & painted parts that have been drying for a few days (finally good & dry).

Here is the chosen array of parts about to get MIRRORED. The light grey parts are unprimed epoxy resin degreased in 91% alcohol.

My goal here is to achieve a clear scope of this new product and its performance on several different materials that we use in Phantomophigure production currently. Not to ‘grade’ the product, but to get an idea of just how it might enhance our already AWESOME custom handmade products. This is going to be… well, kinda AWESOME! Let’s get started.

These glossy green parts have been degreased, primed, painted and fully dried, all sporting a nice smooth glossy surface ready for the MIRROR paint.
And just like THAT! This is only ONE thin coat of the MIRROR paint applied and drying… unbelievable!! It looks truly chrome electroplated! And, yes, this coat was practically fully dry in less than an hour… probably sooner but I was afraid to touch it.
I’m doing some custom ‘Microman Robotman’ phigs for a special order… and with only one thin coat of MIRROR paint, it is already there. This part was not primed or gloss coated prior to the MIRROR application. So, basically what that means to you and me is… as far as finish goes, this stuff is THAT easy to use!
Yea, THAT easy to ‘dry brush’ on. My brain goes BLIP…
And yet AGAIN… ONE COAT, NO underpainting … just a quick surface degreasing with 91% alcohol. Easy PEASY 🤩

So, I think we have certainly come to the ultimate conclusion that this MIRROR paint FAR exceeds ANY ‘chrome’ paint out there, simply for the EASE of USE and right-out-of-the-bottle results. I am 100% SOLD and will be getting MORE for future projects.

Expect MORE results of this paint to show up in the NEXT PHANTOMOSHOP bloggo entry, as I painted many more parts that I have yet to photograph, as well as the results of how the parts do in a ‘rub-test’ that I am going to conduct after the parts are fully dry to test MIRROR’s durability under light AND aggressive play-wear.

So until NEXT entry,

Keep THAT play,

– John

Phantomoshop Blog

For MORE info on this MIRROR paint and WAY MORE AWESOME…

Visit culturehustle.com


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