Phantomotoi ‘Fluff’ or ‘Phluph’?

Is it ‘fluffy’ or is it ‘frothy’? Is it ‘flappy’ or is it ‘snappy’?

Whatever the variant, you can most likely find it at seller 545’s ‘booth of AWESOME vintage play’ at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin!


Several times a week Phantomotoi is ‘poked’, ‘prodded’, ‘picked-at’ and ‘procured-from’ (does that qualify Phantomotoi as ‘pimpin’ play’? Well, NO, because you get to KEEP what you PAY FOR!) so it is quite natural for an occasional ‘fluff’ of the items in the booth, so as to switch-out the old with the new, and you all know what that means …


Oh yea, bring it on!


So go on and plan that next ‘play invasion’ at Phantomotoi … where ALL the FUN is!

See you all at ‘The Fox’ …

  • John – Phantomoshop



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