Mini Bruder Collector Toys

Collecting miniature plastic toys from around the world has been one of my favorite pastimes ever since I was a wee lad.


When Paul Bruder founded Bruder Toys in 1926, I wonder if he knew that what he was about to unleash upon the world would soon lead to being one of Europe’s top 1:16 scale model toy manufacturers (which currently exports 70% of its production to over 60 countries). With Bruder still manufacturing its toys in Germany to this very day, toy collectors in the good ole United States have taken to the excellent craftsmanship and playability found in each and every Bruder release.

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Mini Bruder

There are mainly two product lines of toys that Bruder is known for. Their primary line, the ‘Professional’ series is collected by children and adults alike due to the strong playability and display ability. Their ‘simpler design’ line for younger children is known as their ’Roadmax’ series.

Mini Bruder collector toys from West Germany! Collect ’em ALL!

Are the small 1-inch size plastic vehicles part of these series? I do not think so. Due to the way the uber-colorful ’Mini Bruder’ vehicles where displayed for sale back in the 1980’s (most often in a 7-inch tall clear plastic drum container), I would guess that they might be a part of the ‘extensive expansion’ of their company identity which was thrust into motion in 1987 by Paul Heinz Bruder, the grandson of original founder Paul Bruder, and the son of Heinz Bruder, the founder’s son. Talk about ‘keeping it in the family’!

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