More ‘Micro-Mash’ – Valley of the Dolls

Zoinks, this is COOL!

Above: You, too can build your own sic-fi! ‘Phreaker’ (pictured above) can ‘dial it in’ for ya!

Hey there,

Going through some old folders of past productions I stumbled upon some pre-work I was doing for the ‘Phantomophigure’ shows in 2012 with taking vintage Microman, Micronaut, Lego, Gi-Joe, Star Wars and some random leftover model-kit fodder for some far-out crazy ‘sci-fi play mods’. The fact that these figures are all relatively the same play-scale makes modding quick and easy to get making your own characters. Cool!

Above and below: A Phantomotoi ‘Micro-Mash’ named ‘Yellow Jaquette’ creeps the hive

Each one of these figures comes out as being ‘one-of-a-kind’ by default due to the fact that they are made from repurposed, vintage parts. All parts used are in very good to ‘near mint’ condition, unless the design approach calls for more of a ‘battle-scarred’ or ‘rusted rat-rod’ aesthetic. This is why original, vintage parts and accessories are in such high demand as I type this. This is the ‘NEW PLAY’ ladies and gents … individual ideas of conception and re-design have come home from the work drawing board and transformed forgotten play into fresh prototypical preferences for the future of play. Exciting! I dig it.

Above: Chrome-breathed ‘Rev-Head’ contemplates the edge of it all.

Above: This Micro Mash is ‘Quadragoon’ – ‘many hands to goon you with …’

So come on in to Phantomotoi inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall and get your ‘Micro-Modding’ figures, parts and accessories NOW to start production on your own visions of future play!


The world will forever be in need of fresh, new play!

Keep collecting,

– John



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